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What will my staff do with all the free time after I sign up for NOC services for MSPs?

That’s a fairly important question.

Now that you have outsourced all your alert management and routine maintenance your staff has much more time at hand. If you are not happy with one of your staff members this may be a good time to let them go.

However that’s rarely the case. You would not want let someone trained and excelling in their work to let go. But how would you utilize that time?

I have a few tips.

1. Documentation

You always wanted everything documented and that is what the GURU recommended. Now is the time.

Have your resources document everything. Right from how to open a service ticket to how to conduct new joinee training. From your company way of answering calls to code of conduct when visiting customers. Get down to creating those Standard operating procedures you were not able to do when they did not have time.

This will obviously have long term benefits and you know about it. You also know how to manage the documentation and keep upgrading it. So I am not going to get into it.
Karl has written about this topic in great detail.

2. Training

Get your staff to upgrade their knowledge. Get them the new H/W they always wanted. Let them download trials, break it and fix it and learn in the process.
Conduct cross training among your staff. Let them attend external training and encourage knowledge sharing. This training need not be technical, it could be soft skills or people management. The goal is to learn and grow.

This will help you increase your Skill metrics and help you get more project.

3. Quality Check

Dedicate a resource to only perform Quality checks on work done in your MSP.
QC on tickets can be mandatory or optional. You can have all tickets (or a particular type of tickets) that need to be quality checked. Make sure you tweak your PSA such that tickets can only be closed after the QC has approved.

The other way is to randomly check tickets and employ a feedback and grading system.

The first option can be a bit heavy but will ensure that you provide the best quality service. The QC will also find recurring trends and problem areas. A great QC process will make you stand out among the crowd.

TIP : Also have them QC the NOCs tickets.

4. Refine and redefine your RMM and PSA.

All leading RMMs and PSAs have good documentation available. And as far as I know you are probably not even using 60% of what your tools have to offer. This may be because of lack of knowledge or lack of time.
In your free time get your hands dirty and play around with the tools. Tweak your RMM, make monitoring improvements, refine your process with your PSAs business rules.
You wouldn’t disagree if I said all leading MSPs make the most from their RMM and PSA.

5. Network

Meet Like minded people. Attend webinars, seminars, networking events. Socialize with other MSPs. Attend IT nation. Build FB network or follow business leaders on twitter. Don’t forget Linkedin.There is a lot to do.

Follow all the MSP coaches and learn from them. Gary, Tubb, Robin. There are a few out there.

TIP : Don’t just connect with with business prospects, connect with people in general.

6. Try out new vendors

The market is expanding. New products and service providers are coming up each week. A new hosted email service may be providing you better uptime and profit margins. A new Firewall may provide better security to your customers.

But it will take time to engage with all the vendors and know what they have to offer.
To provide the best solutions to your customer, you need to know what’s available.

7. Orient your marketing and sales for projects.

Projects are where the real money is. One time gigs for which you can charge handsomely. They may also lead to recurring contracts for IT maintenance.

Your tech staff can be a great help here if you can channel them effectively. How you do that is up to you.
I would recommend going the content way. What I mean by that is put out case studies or DIYs or documentation of projects already completed.

8. Get some ME time

While your business demanded you to be on call 24 by 7 and attend emergencies you had little time for yourself and your family. Now that you have signed up for NOC services, you can take the time to be with family, take that fishing trip, read that book you always wanted or revisit the Matrix Trilogy.

If you have feedback on the above or suggestion with what you would do with the free time, leave a comment below.

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