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Why we offer a Free Trial of our services

Our free trial is not a marketing gimmik to lure customers in a long term contract. We will never force you to continue with our services once the trial expires.

The reason we offer the free trial is because we know from experience that is takes about 2 weeks for a remote system admin to get in tune with your work environment, processes and policies. Now we all know that each IT support company offers something unique and has its own work culture. Some offer to being the most responsive while others guarantee faster resolutions. Some offer to provide low cost service while others promise qulaity.

There are going to be a few niggles, doubts, queries when you start working with someone for the first time. This not only applies so someone remote but also to  people on site.

We want to make sure that you do not pay for the time when we are not working at our full potential.

After you free trial is over , send us an email and let us know if you would like to continue with the service or not. If you are not impresses with our skills , processes and professionalism, we will not coerce you to continue with our services. Obviously, if you decide to continue and at any time in the future you are not happy you can cancel your contract with a 15 days notice. We assure you a complete Money back guarantee.

We are very certain that once you have tried our services and our engineers are in tune with your work culture you will find great value in continuing with us.

So go ahead and sign up for a no obligation free trial and we will get you started within 24 hours or less. No Confusing terms, no complicated agreements, Guaranteed SLA and complete  security assurance.

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