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Why Flat UI for MSPs?

As a Managed Service Provider (MSP), your customers can be based anywhere in the world and your website helps you form an interface that portrays your business-value effectively, since the website is usually the first point-of-contact between you and the client. When you use flat designing style, the user-interface is very simple and devoid of any 3D representation, drop shadows, bevels, embossing, and gradients graphics. This is a sharp design that is appealing to the eye due to the strong yet simple layout and style and provides a better user-experience and functionality.

The advantage of Flat UI styling is not limited to just the pleasant design and can be useful for debugging because of simpler coding requirements. Same is the case with pictures and colors which can be sharp, brilliant, and easy to execute. Moreover, since the design is devoid of any moving or 3D graphics, the website does not appear overly stylish and looks professional.

Color is another key component in designing a website and using the right ones can lead to optimal user-experience and the colors offered in this type of design are sharp and vivid, and can make a lasting impression. Another advantage for MSPs using this design is that the Flat UI style works very well with smaller screens such as mobile or app devices. In a world where almost all businesses use Android platforms and various mobile apps, this can be a distinct advantage for your company website.

Some argue that the lack of shadowing and such other designing can be less user-friendly since buttons and links may not be as visible due to the simple design. However, this issue can be overcome by using proper colors, creating boxes, and making the links clearer. Your website is designed and judged by clients by how well it works, as opposed to how it looks. Therefore, functionality is the immediate advantage offered by a Flat UI design. This is important for MSPs because a client looking for an excellent IT infrastructure solution provider expects their website to be of a very good quality. Moreover, the design is easy to load on any platform such as on a mobile device or on a tablet.

The Flat UI design does not need any Shockwave application or Flash and you only require HTML and CSS which are much simpler. Since it does not use 3D representations, and unnecessary styling, the website can be navigated quickly because it loads fast due to the simple design. As the MSP market is dynamically expanding, service providers are continually upgrading websites, blogs, processes, and interfaces for achieving better user-experience. This design gives such businesses the opportunity to keep things simple, yet extremely functional.

Some of the most famous companies, including Microsoft, GFI MAX, and other successful websites such as Concrete Matter, and Build 2012 also use Flat UI for simplicity in functionality. This bears witness to the fact that this is the next big thing in designing and is here to stay.

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