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Security is your main concern… So is ours!

When talks revolve around outsourcing, the first flag that raises itself is security. The reassurance that the customers are in safe hands is needed when it comes to outsourcing NOC services. Here’s are 10 reasons why you need not worry about it.


01] We have a dedicated IT team to maintain systems & security.
02] We managed patches for each and every computer.
03] We access your systems from our secure office.
04] We protect systems with Enterprise AV.
05] We employ stringent hardware and software firewalls.
06] We restrict physical access to offices unless absolutely necessary.
07] We enforce strict password protocols, lockout policies and audit policies.
08] We disable USB ports and CD-ROMS to avert unauthorised hauling of data.
09] We block downloading and installation of software.
10] We conduct a regular “Employee Awareness” programme.


We understand our customer’s security and infrastructure related concerns and take all measure for the same. Rest assured… You Are Safe!

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