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What is a NOC ? What is an outsourced NOC for MSPs ?

What is a NOC?

Network Operations center. A NOC is a central location inside or outside your geographical region from where one or more networks are monitored, managed and controlled. The NOC’s primary function is to maintain optimal network operations cross the platform they manage.

History of NOC:

The earliest version of NOC can be traced to mid 60’s. By the end of 1980’s NOC operations were starting to be outsourced. The NOC originated in the telecommunication network, where they needed a central location to guarantee uptime for their services. In those times you could associate a NOC with large multi-national companies. NOCs were mostly captive, meaning that the telecommunication provider owned and ran the NOC. The concept of a NOC caught on to become popular among ISPs, universities and web hosting providers.

Recent Developments:

In the last few years there has been an increase in such NOCs and a lot of private players have entered in the market. Today, NOC is not just limited to monitoring of network but also network devices, servers and workstations and Mobile devices. NOC tasks are being completely outsourced, mostly to bring efficiency in the organization.

Origin of NOC for MSPs:

NOCs have always used monitoring software to manage the networks. In recent years the MSP business has grown many fold and companies with limited funds found it difficult to operate a NOC and provide round the clock service. This need can be referred to as a creator of a NOC for MSPs. As number of NOC providers increased and RMM tools became more effective, it has become easier to MSPs to outsource their NOC operations.

A NOC for MSP uses your RMM to handle alerts in a pre-defined hierarchical and methodical manner so that the right degree of expertise is assigned to the right alerts. The NOC takes care of the RMM alerts, proactive monitoring and after hours support. With the help of a NOC, MSPs are able to cater for larger customer and free themselves of routine tasks that hold them back.

NOC providers for MSPs today can be divided into a few categories.

  1. Location : Outsourced Offshore, Outsourced and inhouse.
  2. Pricing Model : Fixed price or Pay as you Go.
  3. Contract term : Monthly or Long Term

Apart from these you can also classify them based on expertise they provide. Some provide alert only services while others provide complete remediation.

ITimpulse NOC for MSPs:

This is how We define our NOC – A team of skilled and certified system admins managed by a involved and proactive leadership  that form the focal point of our customers NOC tasks, namely:

  1. Alert management and resolution
  2. Proactive maintenance
  3. Software distribution
  4. Patch management
  5. Network management
  6. Performance monitoring


We take pride in our technical skills and the value we provide for our customers and end user. We always maintain a customer centric outlook and follow the protocols and best industry practices.

ITimpulse NOC service offers RMM agnostic, fixed per device pricing with Month to Month contracts and complete resolution for all your alerts. We perform your routine tasks impeccably and your proactive maintenance with precision allowing you to run a highly efficient and profitable managed IT service business.


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