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Value vs price : How will you choose a NOC for your MSP?

Each one of us looks at the content/value rather than the pricing before making a buying decision. It would be unwise not to.

Be it pest control for your house or NOC for your MSP, we not only look at the price, but the content of the service.

The iPhone 64 GB version is priced higher than the 32GB version. because it offers more. The 32 GB variant is still an iPhone.

Similarly, every NOC providers offering is not the same. One may include much more than the other and as a result will be priced higher.

You need to sit down and compare and see what you need. May be you do not need the higher priced service like i don’t need the iPhone 64 GB version.

Lets talk about a couple of examples here.

Example 1

So NOC1 provides complete patch management solution. Which means if your RMM can not install the patch whitelisted by the NOC on the PC, the NOC will deal with it. They will ensure the patch is installed, no matter what it takes.

And NOC2 only provides Patch white-listing services. Which means if a patch fails, its your headache. Or you can pay them an hourly fixed rate to resolve the problem.

For sure, NOC2 prices their services slightly less than NOC1.

Example 2

So NOC1 provides complete remediation of all RMM in their NOC package. While NOC2 only provides a alert filtering service. As in, they validate the alerts and then send them back to you for further troubleshooting.

You may say that you have enough resources and to save their time, you only need to eliminate false positives and reduce time spent on alert remediation. You decide to go for NOC2 to save a few dollars per server, like I would do with the iPhone.

But there are MSPs who want to limit how much alert remediation they do in house, NOC1 may be a better fit for them.

You get the drift. The price is not the only thing you need to look at. You need to look at the content as well.

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