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List of supported RMM and PSA

ITimpulse does not provide any software. We deliver our services through the tools our customers use.

ITimpulse providers RMM agnostic NOC services that are delivered right from your PSA. This means you don’t have to change your RMM to outsource your NOC and you don’t have to look outside your PSA to see what’s going on with tickets. Its like having your own personal NOC.

How it works:

To get started with our services you need to create an account for the NOC in your RMM & PSA. Create a new board or queue in your PSA. Re-direct RMM alerts to this Board.

Our NOC will pick up tickets from the board. Remote to the device using your RMM to resolve the issue. We then document the ticket in your PSA so you can easily pull performance and SLA reports. All this while following a process you can customize.

A list of popular RMM and PSA supported by our NOC