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Server Migration

In today’s world of fast paced technology, you will have to upgrade your hardware and software in close to three years. You not only have to cut your budgets because of expenditure on hardware but also on the many hours that your technician spends performing the upgrade.

If your network is 5 – 250 computers, we can help you migrate you server to a new OS or a new hardware without spending a fortune. With our detailed  pre-migration checklist and  organized action plans we eliminate failure and minimize downtime. 

With every migration we offer 10 hours free support for any issues that may occur after the migration.

We take pride in our ability and track record in server migrations. We have helped customers over the globe with their server migrations remotely. We have taken over failed migrations from IT support firms and fixed the most complex problems.

Contact us and we will not only provide you a detailed plan and price quote , but will also give you a free readiness check for migration.

  • MS Windows Server Migration
  • MS Windows SBS Server Migration
  • Migration to New Hardware
  • Exchange Migration
  • SQL Migration
  • Client OS Migration