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Quality Control

We aim to deliver consistent quality to our MSP customers by providing dependable services, helping them to truly rely on us and get more business. We have implemented a multi-point quality control process and have dedicated our best resources to perform these checks.

What the quality control brings to the table:

  •       Unwavering and reliable service
  •       Clear communication with our customers
  •       Ownership and responsibility

How it’s Done:

Every  ticket that is closed goes through quality checks where our managers

  •       Check all tickets are satisfactorily documented
  •       Best practices and standard procedures are followed
  •       Escalation channel and process was adhered to
  •       Verify resolution and make sure that the root cause of the problem is resolved
  •       Give special attention given to issues that reoccur

Monthly Review Calls

Unless we ask our clients for their feedback, it does not hold for proper completion of work and for the same, our MD will make a scheduled interaction with all customers on a monthly basis. Purpose of the interaction

  •       You are completely satisfied with our service
  •        Find areas we can improve
  •        Discuss your upcoming projects and requirements
  •        Plan the knowledge path for your engineer or team


If you are not convinced within 30 days that we are adding value to your business, we will refund your full amount within a week, no questions asked.