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Power Grid Failure

Last week 9% of the worlds population faced a major blackout. 620 million people were without electricity for hours if not days. A major part of the national power grid had failed.

Parts of India were without power for 10 hours or more at a stretch. Railways, metro’s, lifts, escalators, traffic lights were at halt. Industries were halted and miners were trapped. Prior to the grid collapse, the private sector spent $29 billion to build their own independent power stations in order to provide reliable power to their factories.

Although this did not have a huge effect in Pune or Maharashtra, we at ITimpulse were always prepared for it.

With individual power supply backups on each workstation and a resilient power backup which will last us a minimum of 20 hours of high usage and 30 hours or reduced usage, we are completely immune to such problems.

Our infrastructure has been built to be fault tolerant and resilient and we have taken the time and money to make sure our systems are always up and running.

Posted on: August 10th, 2012 by rajat kondal No Comments

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