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Outsourcing NOC to India : Its about the expertise

In one of my recent post about NOC services for MSPs, I wrote that India is the most suitable destination for NOC support. That’s true. Ask your NOC provider they will tell you the same.

Most US , UK or Australian customers assume that it is because of the lower cost, however that is not the primary reason. Its has to do with high number of skilled engineers that have been trained by large multi-national companies like Microsoft , Dell, HP, EMC, Vmware  (to name a few) that decided to setup their international support centers here in India. To add to that India offers minimum language or accent barrier, political and industry stability.

We have had inquiries from MSPs in  Malaysia, Ukraine, Hungary and other countries where the costs are at par with India. All of these customers were looking for expertise and experience with NOC services.

We hire professionals from a huge pool of resources available through a proven hiring process and put them through rigorous training before they are ready to server our customers.

If you an MSP and looking to outsource your NOC operations give us a call and find out if we fit your requirement. MSPs across the globe are using our service to streamline their businesses.

Posted on: August 8th, 2014 by rajat kondal No Comments

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