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Outsourced NOC for GFI MAX RMM

Looking for outsources NOC for GFI MAX RMM?



We all have a love and hate relationship with GFI MAX RMM. They have a brilliant pricing model and provide best bang for the buck. They offer a great tool for new MSPs and look to grow with them. It has helped many budding IT guys go the Managed Service way and start a profitable MSP business. The company has a great attitude.

I also agree that they do fall short at places including both the product, its development and support, but Hey ! give them some time. They have been good to you all the way and they are making things better. As business owner we all know it is difficult.

At this point I must make it very clear that we have no relationship with GFI MAX and do not represent them in any way. This post is about our NOC offering that works perfectly with GFI MAX RMM.

MSPs using GFI RMM can use our  highly customized cloud based NOC portal to deliver cost effective 24 by 7 by 365 NOC services for your small and medium size business customers. Our NOC portal allows us to optimize our process to deliver the services efficiently. Our Services are competitively priced and you can request a quote here.

Our offering includes:

  1. Complete Alert management and remediation for all RMM alerts.
  2. Hassle free Patch Management.
  3. Proactive maintenance.
  4. Backup, AV and Anti-spam management.
  5. Multi-Level Escalation channel.

All this is provided for a Fixed monthly recurring per server or per workstation cost. Also avail our services to improve your RMM’s monitoring capabilities for no cost at all. We will write custom scripts and SNMP checks to help you monitor more effectively and efficiently.

We Invite All GFI RMM customers to try our services for 30 days for free for one of their customer sites. Get started in under 6 hours. No credit card or payment required.

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