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Outsource Your Patch Management

If you have ever thought about outsourcing some of your IT operations to get more time for on-site engineers and not completely figured out how to proceed, outsourcing your patch management only can be a first step.

Why would I outsource Patch Management ?

There can be many reasons for this.

You need to free up your on-site engineers. Or may be patch management gets the least priority on all your MSP tasks , it is always pending. Or you may simply want to reduce your expenditure on such a routine task. Your executive summary or monthly report reflects poorly because of all the unmanaged computers.

We at ITimpulse are helping MSPs outsource their Patch Management with complete peace of mind. We test all updates on our machines before rolling them out on your customers’ machines. We schedule reboots outside working hours, even on weekends. We do everything to make sure all your computers are completely up-to-date with Microsoft and non-Microsoft updates.

All this for a fixed monthly cost.

Contact us to discuss more about your Patch management requirements.

If you are a MSP that manages more than 500 devices we will also provide you with a dedicated engineer and account manager.

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