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NOC process

Interactive NOC process PPT.

As soon as your RMM finds a problem on your customers’ network, the clock is set. We get alerts via emails or tickets or SMS and we attend to it within the pre-defined SLA.

Our NOC engineers pick the tickets within minutes and categorize them based on severity. They also mark a minimum response time on the ticket.

Our L1 engineers are then forwarded the tickets and start doing the magic. They verify the authenticity of the alert, resolve the alerts or move them to the appropriate resource to get solved and closed in shortest time possible.

They may escalate the tickets if they cannot resolve the issue within the specified time. The tickets may be forwarded to customer if some on-site attention is required.

Our L2 engineers pick tickets escalated by L1 engineers that have taken more than specified time to resolve. Out L2 engineers are some of the best people in the industry and are highly technical. However, sometimes even the brightest minds get stuck. Our L3 team Manages issues that have been going on for longer than expected or where root cause analysis has not been reached.

All this is continuously and thoroughly monitored by our quality assurance team with the help of a highly developed and time tested NOC process and system.