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What does the NOC package include?

We offer a comprehensive, true 24 by 7 NOC service for MSPs.

Our standard package includes all essential NOC tasks and is a capable of handling all your RMM generated alerts. The below list describes accurately what you get with our NOC package:

Standard NOC includes:

  1. 24 by 7 alert validation
  2. Alert Management with complete remediation
  3. Backup management
  4. Performance monitoring
  5. Patch management
  6. Anti-virus monitoring
  7. Anti-spam Monitoring
  8. After hours maintenance
  9. RMM deployment


NOC Add-ons:

You can add these services additionally to get more value out of the NOC.

1. BACK-OFFICE – submit unlimited Work requests by adding our back-office add-on. While the NOC looks at all your RMM alerts, back-office allows you to manually assign any number of ticket to the NOC.

Work requests are low priority work orders that are not included in RMM alerts. These can include escalation from Help-desk, or from an on-site engineer or help with a software deployment or project. You get unlimited of these for all devices under NOC supervision. Basically, this gives you the ability to push additional tickets to the NOC, keeping in mind that we offer a 24 hour turnaround time on all requests. You may call it a MSP back-office.

2. CHAT HELP-DESK – This add-on is only available when you have purchased the back-office add-on. We setup a chat help-desk that gives your customer instant assistance using your RMM.

If you have any questions about the above please feel free to contact us. To request a quote for NOC services click here.

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