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NOC is best served from India.

If you are using a NOC services provider or considering partnering with a one, for your MSP business, you probably know that their Network Operations Center is located in India. In fact, there is rarely a NOC that is completely US or UK based.

Why is that?  Its not just about being cheaper. Neither is it about being in a geographically different area.

It has to do with the large pool of system admins available across our huge country. And this pool is always growing. The fact that all OEMs and major software vendors have global support centers located across India is a testimony to level of talent available in India. This claim is hard to make for Latin America,Eastern Europe or other parts of South East Asia.

The trend of outsourcing NOC services to India will continue in the coming years. This is inevitable.

As a MSP owner, if you are shying away from outsourcing your NOC, your competition will steal your customers and eat you alive.

Even a small MSP that employs NOC, can take on big ticket accounts and provide 24×7 service.  NOC services allow you to expand your profit margins and delight your customers with amazing response times.

On an average, NOC identifies and resolves more alerts/month, making you look good in front of your customer. NOC makes sure the patches are installed, your backups are current and the AV has latest updates making your executive summary look impressive.

The trick however, is choosing a reliable and dependable NOC service provider. Without the wrong NOC partner, you create more problems that you solve.

At ITimpulse, we provide services with a personal touch, understanding each customer’s different requirements.

We are employing the best people and processes to be prepared for our customers. We are investing on our infrastructure and constantly upgrading our systems for high availability.

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