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NOC Add-on : MSP back-office

Off-load Unlimited Service desk tasks to the NOC.

While our NOC manages all your RMM generated alerts, Our back office add-on allows you to assign unlimited work requests to the NOC.

What are work requests?

Our NOC’s job is to manage and remediate your RMM alerts. These could be event logs, failed patches, missed backups – everything your RMM can monitor.But RMM generated tickets are not the only tickets in your MSP. There are also service desk tickets. Some of these tickets are not urgent. However, they need to be completed none the less, that too within a specified time.

Our Back-office add-on caters specifically to such service desk tasks. We call these tasks work requests. And with out Back-office Add-on you can assign unlimited work requests to the NOC. That too right from your PSA.

We have compiled a list of 50 top work requests from the last 3 months. This will give you a good idea of the scope of the service. You can request a copy below.

Download List

How It Works:

The back-office Add-on is available only if a device is covered by the NOC. To get started with back-office services you need to create a new board or queue in your PSA and assign all work request tasks to this queue.

Our NOC will pick up tickets from this board. Remote into the device using your RMM to resolve the issue and then document the ticket in your PSA.

Our turn around time on work requests is 12 hours.
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Just like out NOC services, our back-office service is:
1. Competitively priced
2. Fixed price, Billed monthly.
3. Delivered in your company name.
4. Time and ticket documented in your PSA

Some Frequently asked questions

How Can I Manually Submit Work Requests ?

For all existing NOC customers, if you would like to submit a work request, you can submit a ticket directly to our queue in your PSA.
Turn around time on work requests is 24 hours.

What happens if I submit a work request for a device with Add-on disabled?

You will receive an email notification alerting you about the issue.
The task will be charged at hourly rate if you want us to complete the task.

Can I have a mix and match of devices with Add-on disabled or enabled?

You can choose if the add-on is enabled or disabled for each device.