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MSP’s must try Linkedin PPC.

Firstly, If you and your MSP business are not on LinkedIn, you are missing out on visibility and opportunity to connect. Every thriving business is on LinkedIn. It’s an amazing platform to connect with business owners, who are mostly decision makers when it comes to outsourcing IT.

So why would you try LinkedIn PPC.

Let me make a compelling case and take it point wise.

1. Easy to get started. If you already have the marketing material and the sales pitch, you can setup the PPC in under 30 minutes.

2. You can target local businesses. The PPC allows you to target people area wise. Country, state, city. You don’t want to spend Ad money on someone who is in another continent.

3. You can target companies by employee strength.

4. You can target companies in specific industry.

5. You can target people by their designation.

6. You can target members of LinkedIn groups. So if you work with lawyers, you might want to advertise in the lawyers’ group. If you are in Dallas and work with professional services companies, you may want to advertise in the Dallas professional service group. It works great if you serve niche verticals.

All this ensures you reach the right person. But what does it cost.

7. It’s inexpensive. The cost ranging from 2 – 4 USD per click. Also consider here that this click is from a person who is in your city, is a decision maker, is from your niche and is looking for IT services.

8. You can set daily budgets.

What if it doesn’t work.

In that case you have anything to lose. About 30 minutes of your time and a few dollars which atleast got you some visibility and a valid prospect.

What’s the harm.

You open up an additional stream for leads, you get notification of clicks in your email and you can reach out to them on LinkedIn or via direct email. You can track your campaigns and tweak them on the go.
In my opinion, for MSPs it beats Google’s PPC hands down. You must give it a try. Spend $50 (smartly) and see if you get favorable results.

Let me know what you think by adding a comment below.

Posted on: October 2nd, 2014 by rajat kondal No Comments

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