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Helpdesk For MSPs

Callback based Technical helpdesk

As an entirely India-based technical support outsourcing provider, we are able to keep your expenses competitive.

White label=We will call your customers in your company name.

Callback based = We will call the user back after a ticket is logged via email or voicemail.

Customer Friendly =Our techs will be courteous, professional and customer friendly. They will resolve issues when its convenient for the user.

We hire the best=All our help-desk techs have been excelling in providing Phone based remote support to North America based customers for over 3 years.

Flexible<=We will be available any time you need

  • Business hours only
  • After hours only
  • 24 by 7

    Like our NOC services,our Help-desk

  • accesses computers using your RMM.
  • provides time and troubleshooting documentation in your PSA.
  • Provides high Cost-to-Benefit ration.

    Unlike our NOC services,our Help-desk

  • is not available on monthly contracts
  • is not prices per user
  • includes on-boarding fee