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Managed IT – Scalability, Challenges, Solutions

Scalability has always been a complicated issue for almost all types of companies and organizations. Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are no exception and many find it a tedious and resource-sapping procedure. Whether it’s administrative scalability or in functionality, MSPs typically face a Catch-22 situation where they cannot afford to ignore it and find it time-consuming and expensive to implement. Circumventing such stagnation of economic scalability and growth becomes essential for any Managed Service Provider and this has been a challenge.

The biggest problem with achieving scalability, economically as well as technically, is quality control. The huge amount of data and information to be processed and handled inevitably affects quality, and the bottom-line. To have efficient quality control, it becomes important for MSPs to dedicate their precious time on potentially growth oriented processes and not for everyday tasks that leave little or no scope for scalability.

The importance of dedicated engineers is accentuated at such times when such opportunity-cost is encountered. Simply put, channeling highly skilled engineers for processes that are promising for growth and scalability can almost be a panacea for MSPs. This is because of the dual benefit of reducing cap-ex in the long run and wielding the foregone opportunity into an asset by matching the right talent with the right task.

To channelize resources efficiently, MSPs can partner with NOC providers for better time management of employees. Moreover, partnering for NOC services can reduce variable costs and an MSP can accurately analyze its finances. Furthermore, the quality of the services offered to SMBs by the MSP increase substantially since most outsourced NOC contracts are SLA-driven and enforce the desired quality.

One of the pecuniary aspects that are often overlooked by MSPs is that outsourcing a part of their services to other countries has an economical advantage in that the company is not affected by local economic turmoil. This gives the MSP an advantage over competitors since labor costs for their outsourced services remain the same or can be significantly controlled.

The win-win situation offered by partnering with a third party NOC service provider for MSPs is propelling the growth of the Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) services as well. The near future seems to hold tremendous opportunities for MSPs to expand and grow on a global scale – without burning the moolah.

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