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Know where your NOC is outsourced.


Last week, I made a startling discovery. An established Helpdesk and NOC provider in US is misleading their customers by providing incorrect or incomplete information. Although, many MSPs have questioned the same on various social networks, there are other who have been taken for a ride.  The NOC provider claims they have a NOC in India, however they have outsourced their NOC to a third party.


Did a NOC provider tell you they have a U.S. based Helpdesk and NOC?


Do you see how cleverly they crafted that sentence. Well, the NOC may be located in India for all you know. It was not clearly mentioned above, You need to ask them specifically because they try to hide such information. Could you not find a NOC in India yourself and deal with them without the middle man.

If they have their NOC in India, then ask them have they outsourced their NOC to another party, are they working in partnership with another NOC provider in India or do they actually have an office here. This is important.

Being in the MSP channel for some time now we know companies that claim they have a NOC center in India but have actually outsourced to a third party and don’t even have a representative here.  They act as brokers. We believe, there is no place for brokers and their secrecy in the Internet age.

ITimpulse is a NOC provider based in Pune, India. We have just one office and all our operations are carried out from here. We don’t misguide our customers. On the contrary we are always straight forward and don’t make tall claims.

Posted on: March 11th, 2013 by rajat kondal No Comments

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