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After hours NOC support for MSPs

Look after your customers network while you are away.

Your business doesn’t work 24 by 7. Making it 24 by 7 will take a lot of time and money.

However, if you are not monitoring your customers network 24 by 7, there will be delay in response and your customer will face downtime which won’t reflect well on your business.

Consider the following scenarios:

1. Your customer had to suffer downtime while waiting for you to wake up in the morning and restart the critical service that stopped at midnight.

2. Your customer’s remote staff could not connect to the network all night because the firewall needed a shake at 1 am?

3. Your customer will not have a good morning and face server outage if you didn’t action that disk error reported at 11 pm in the night.

Now consider the same scenarios if you had 24 by 7 monitoring in place.

1. Your customer doesn’t even come to know that the exchange service had stopped at night.

2. Remote workers were able to VPN after the NOC restarted the router.

3. NOC cleared disk space before it could affect server availability.

However, 24 by 7 alert monitoring can be expensive.

To overcome this, we have introduced our new NOC package – After hours NOC. We will keep a vigil on your networks for you while you are away and the bills won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

More details on After hours NOC.

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