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Hiring a VSA makes sense for MSPs

The MSP model is built upon the fact that you can centrally and remotely work on all your clients’ networks. Sending an engineer on-site actually costs you money.

Do you agree? Okay.Read on.

So most of your engineers work from your office and only visit sites when you need to. If I tell you that you could save atleast 70% of the cost on each tech, would that interest you?
Read on.

My company offers a service where you can hire a VSA, Virtual (or remote) system admin, who works during your hours and just like a part of your team. He says Good morning when he comes in, he resolves tickets assigned to him, he documents them in your PSA, he has a phone extension you can call anytime and most of all, he needs little or no training to get started.

With all these benefits, there is also the fact that he costs you under $12 an hour with no overhead costs. You don’t have to buy him a laptop or give him a desk or even pay a bonus. There is no long term contract and you can end your contract when you please. I could go on and on about them being certified and background checked more.

The only thing a VSA can’t do is visit your customer. Not that bad huh! your other staff can do this for you.

Such a service has not been offered before by anyone. Let me tell you that it’s addictive. We have not lost a single customer who chose a VSA. Ever.

Last week an MSP in Arizona hired one of our VSAs to manage all their backups and DRs across all their managed sites. It costs then under $1400 a month and no liability towards hiring new staff.

Give it a try. Give me a call or leave a comment below if you have any questions. i assure you this will not be a bad decision.

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