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Hire a Punter

We are located in Pune, also known as the Oxford of the East”. Indeed it is. Young and bright minds come here from all across the country to pursue their graduation.

We constantly hire bright and sharp minds from the best engineering colleges in and around the city. Throughout the highly specialized and rigorous training, the engineers not only learn to operate in real-world situations but also develop a keen sense for troubleshooting.

New hires are trained on various technologies and undergo a constant process of learning. The training starts with understanding the basics of windows operating systems and networking in Windows environment. They then go on to learn AD, DNS, Exchange and SQL. The engineers then choose their areas of interest and pursue a detailed study of their subjects. Their next step is to gain certification to prove their worth.

Engineers are available to MSPs and IT support companies on phone with their local numbers, email, video and Blackberry messengers. Engineers work 8 hours a day for all working days. Their leaves are covered by engineers who have the same skill level.


  • No leaves
  • Hire engineers of any skill-set or any level of experience
  • No insurance or benefits
  • End the contract at any time with 7 Days notice
  • Hire engineers for any length of time
  • Be ensured that your client infrastructure is safe and secure

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*Cost for any additional facilities like secure VPN, Static IP will be borne by the customer.