Outsourced NOC for MSPs | The best offer ever

This offer is brought to you by ITimpulse. ITimpulse has been providing white label RMM agnostic NOC services to MSPs since 2010.

This is our most comprehensive and defined outsourced NOC offer ever. Not only does it offer MSPs more value than any other NOC provider, it also wont burn a hole in your pocket.

Below you will find our latest NOC offer with shortest response and resolution times. An SLA we have never offered before and some extra niceties thrown in.

Assured SLA

  • 5 minute response time for RMM alerts
    All RMM alerts actioned by the NOC in under 5 minutes.
    Benefit for you : Faster response times for faster resolutions.

  • 70 % first touch resolutions
    Our trained experts resolve most alerts the first time they log into the computer.
    Benefit for you : Reduced hang time for tickets and better looking monthly reports.

  • 2% ticket escalation to your team
    1 out of every 50 tickets assigned to NOC will need your assistance.
    Benefit for you : You and your team can focus on the more important revenue generating stuff

  • Patch deployment in 3 days of release
    All patches tested and deployed from 3 days after release.
    Benefit for you: Meet stringent patch management policy.

  • 12 hour resolution for backup alerts
    Making sure you have a successful backup every day.
    Benefit for you: you will never have to work on a backup failed ticket ever.

  • 12 hour turn around time on change requests.
    Assign unlimited number of tickets manually to the NOC and we will get them done in 12 hours.
    Benefit for you: free your self from low priority tickets and let the NOC take care of them.

Never offered before

List of niceties in our offer that we have never offered before

  • Monthly backup validation
    Once a month we will restore backups to make sure the data is consistent.
  • Monthly manual check
    DCdiag, Exchange log check, IIS log check and more checks to make sure your RMM didn't miss anything.

  • Screen recording
    All remote session from our NOC to your devices will be recorded and saved.

  • Service credits
    Why should you pay for a service that doesn’t perform as promised?
    So we will give your money back if we don’t meet what has been promised above.

    If we don’t meet our SLA by 95%, you get 20% discount on your next invoice.
    If we don’t meet 90%, you get 30% discount on your next invoice.