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Generating additional revenue with NOC and reselling Backup Management.

As a managed service provider you manage your customer’s complete IT infrastructure. From offering proactive remediation to a professional helpdesk, supplying hardware to cloud services, you offer a whole bouquet of IT services.

Managing your customer’s backup, planning their disaster recovery and business continuity is your responsibility. The backup industry is huge and there are a wide variety of providers. Some companies still use Symantec backup exec while some have move to a complete cloud based backup. You may have a mix of local and cloud backup if that suits your customer the best.

Some of our customers do hourly incremental backups during business hours to ensure very high availability in case something goes wrong. While some others are still stuck with tape backups. What ever be the case, reselling and managing backup can be a great source of monthly recurring revenue. Add to this the fact that the data will always grow and with every additional GB your margins will keep growing.

Most RMMs these days offer inbuilt or integrated backups. The best thing is you get to know when a backup fails or a few files are missed. The backups may be too resource heavy and the RMM will tell you that the server is low on memory.

You charge your customer a fixed monthly rate for managing their backups. By outsourcing the backup management to a NOC you can be assured that the issues will be fixed at the earliest and you would not be spending additional resource and time to manage the same. Keeping the profit margins high is your first priority.

 How can ITimpulse NOC services help ?

We will install and configure backups on your servers.

We will troubleshoot any failures.

We will make sure the server performance is up to mark.

All you have to do is just tell us what the backup requirements are. This is for a fixed monthly price and with short response times, included in all our NOC offerings.

So go ahead and sell more backup. We are here to manage the back end for you.

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