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Defining NOC Work requests

Work requests are low priority tickets outside your RMM alerts that you can assign manually to the NOC.  You get unlimited work requests with our MSP back-office add-on.

Who can submit a ticket?

Any user in your organization can submit a ticket.

How can I submit a ticket?

You can assign a ticket from your PSA system/ ticketing system. You can send us an email to log a work requests. If it’s slightly more complicate you can call us or use the chat on our website.

What is the turn around time?

We promise a 15 hour turn around time. However in most cases if you assign us something by end of your business day it will be done by the next morning.

How many work requests can I submit ?

Any number. You get unlimited of these.

Give me a few examples.

  • User creation and setup requests.
  • Computer and user profile setup
  • Change requests.
  • Escalations from your service desk.
  • Software removal and deployments.
  • Group Policy deployments.
  • Performance tuning.
  • Client side issues like outlook or quickbooks.
  • Malware removal

  • Everything that needs to be changed/configured/repaired on your managed end-points can be included, you are only limited by response time. So this is not a service for urgent issues.

    We have compiled a list of 50 top work requests from the last 3 months. This will give you a good idea of the scope of the service. You can request a copy here.

    Is it fixed price?

    Yes, its included in the fixed price premium NOC package.

    Will you ever contact my customers?

    In most cases the work will be done after hours so we will not. But we can offer chat based remote support from your RMM. Voice support is not included.

    What if I need Urgent support?

    Unfortunately, urgent work requests are not covered. However you can avail such a service at additional costs. Click here to know more.

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