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Dedicated Engineers for NOC services

If you use ITimpulse for your MSPs NOC services and require more than 20 hrs/ week, we will assign you a dedicated engineer or team.This has various advantages for our customers .

Advantages for Customers:

  •  More Value – When you have an engineer who understands your processes, policies , gets familiar with your customer’s network, he is able to accomplish more on a regular basis. He closes more tickets in less time. He identifies the recurring issues and finds root cause. Customers are bound to obtain more value from our services with dedicated engineers.
  •  Rapport building – As we deliver top class service and get accustomed to your environment , processes and policies, you are sure to build a rapport with your engineer or team. This goes a long way in assuring that your requirements are met.
  •  Improved communication  – With a dedicated engineer you  have a single point of contact and can reach them over phone or email anytime. Improved communication leads to better understanding of your specific requirements. This allows us to serve you better.
  • RMM improvement – Once an engineer is familiar with your RMM, what you monitor and how you do it, He can suggest improvements to your remote monitoring. Our engineers know the best RMM practices and pain points that need to be monitored. Our suggestions have made significant improvements to our customers RMM environment.

Advantages for us

  •  Customer satisfaction – We know from experience that customers that have dedicated engineers are able to get more value from our services. They communicate on a more frequent basis and their professional understanding is much better. Their tickets progress faster and close sooner.

We are happy, when our customers are happy.

We are all about pleasing our customers. Our professionalism, responsiveness, technical knowledge and accountability are sure to please all customers.

Dont take our word for it. Try out our NOC services and get the advantage of a dedicated engineer.

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