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Complete remediation

ITimpulse NOC services for MSPs offers complete remediation:

There are lot of NOCs that only provide alert management facility. So if a server has an error or is down they will call you and tell you that they have verified and found the alert to be genuine and you need to look into it.

There are other NOCs that have multiple levels of support and will look at most issues, however when something gets even slightly complicated, they will escalate the issue back to you, adding unplanned activities to your busy schedule.

On the other hand, ITimpulse provides complete remediation. This means that when we receive an alert from your RMM we not only validate the authenticity of the alert but also work towards resolving the alert completely and making sure it does not reoccur again. Tickets are only passed on to your team if they require on-site attention.

Our multi level escalation process allows us to make sure old tickets get the best technical resources to ensure faster resolutions. Our quality control process coupled with a strong ticketing system ensures that tickets are not pending and have been worked on correctly.

We believe that this adds a lot of value to our services and justifies our pricing. We offer our customer worry-free pro-active maintenance and alert remediation of their NOC sites.

We try our best to make sure our escalation rate in under 2%. Which means we only need your input to resolve in 1 in every 50 tickets.