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Competitive advantages of NOC for MSPs

Outsourcing your MSPs alert management and routine maintenance to a NOC has multiple advantages. Some pecuniary, some competitive.

Outsourcing NOC operations is no longer a choice for MSPs in this competitive market. All MSPs, small or large are all looking for a suitable NOC that meets their requirements. A NOC that can perform their routine tasks with impeccable accuracy, does their alert management flawlessly, has the technical expertise for handling projects and can be relied upon.

The question now is can you do without a NOC?

Let’s assume that you are competing for a new customer in your city. Will you be able to compete with a MSP that already uses an outsourced NOC. Do you stand a chance in front of someone that can cover the customer 24 by7, at a lower cost and maintain their network in top condition. Someone who spends all their time building marketing campaigns, doing business development  and getting new projects because they know that their customers computers are being looked after by a NOC. Over time they are even going to poach your customers.

Take a look at the top MSPs in your city, state or country.
What percent have outsourced their NOC?

Almost all?  Most of them?

Well they are able to expand because they have built great relationships with their vendors and are able to concentrate on growing their business. They are able to server their customers better and offer more value.

That is the competitive advantage you can get by signing up for a NOC for your MSP.

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