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Expected Call-Flow

The Call excerpt below describes the call flow dealing with any other end user issue

Susie requests a callback for a problem with outlook by sending an email to

Tech : Hi Susie, This is Ronald from RMM IT. I called regarding your problem with Outlook.

Susie : Hi Ronald. How have you been?

Tech : very well, thank you. How are you?

Susie : I have had better days. My outlook keep crashing when i try to send and receive.

Tech : May I connect to your computer remotely and take a look?

Susie : Sure, What do you need me to do?

Tech : Just give me a minute while I connect. I will let you know when I am in.

Susie: I can see you are on.

Tech : Yes, i am. I am going to take control of teh mouse if thats all right.

Susie : Yeah. Knock your self out.

Tech : I see the problem. I need to gather some more information. It may take me 5 to 10 minutes. You can put me on hold or speaker phone. I can even call when when I can done if you like.

Susie : I will put you on hold and be back in a few minutes.

Susie returns

Susie : Hi Ronald. Did you find something?

Tech : Hi! Yes. I did. I expect it will take me 30 minutes to fix the problem. Do you think I can do this now?

Susie : Hmmm, I am going to away for lunch at 1. DO you wanna call at 12:55 and take over?

Tech : Not a problem. I am disconnecting the remote session and I will call you at 12:55.

Susie : Thank you very much.

Tech : Speak later. Bye.