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Attention MSPs : A NOC is not a Helpdesk

Let’s try and understand why a NOC and Help-desk are 2 different things.


A help-desk is a point of contact, your MSP customers can reach when they have a problem with their computers or office network. A help-desk can be voice based/ phone support or chat based. The help-desk will validate the issue and create a ticket and perform primary troubleshooting on the ticket and direct the ticket to appropriate person or department for remediation. Help-desk is a very customer facing role.


NOC is where your proactive monitoring and alert remediation takes place, in the background, completely hidden from the customer. This is the RMM part of your MSP. The NOC makes sure your backups are running, your server performance is up to mark, your proactive maintenance is performed and event log alerts are re-mediated in time. They will seldom contact your customer.

Other difference

A help-desk tech will have better customer skills as compared to a NOC tech. A NOC tech on the other hand will have better technical / troubleshooting ability. You can think of a NOC being a point of escalation for your helpdesk.

A help-desk tech will rarely deal with a server level issue. A NOC will work on both servers and desktops.

Helpdesk has erratic ticket volumes and if not staffed adequately, will lead to long hold time. Not a pleasant experience for the end-user. The NOC has a more predictable ticket volume and defined set of tasks. If your NOC is doing its job well, it will definitely take the load off your help-desk. If your Help-desk is technically proficient, they will offload lesser work to NOC.

Most MSPs I have spoken to have not found a vendor that is a perfect match of NOC and Helpdesk.
Here is the problem: If you need a help-desk that speaks your language, it better be in your geographical area. Outside which you will start to get a lot of variation in accent. That is not acceptable to most MSPs.
If they have a NOC in the same geographical location, the operation costs will be too high. If they are operating from 2 locations, things may not be as smooth as you expect and you may find a disconnect between the two services.

Our Solution

Our offering cuts through this barrier and presents a solution. With our NOC services use our Chat help-desk Add-On and provide superior service that gives you higher profit margins. Our help-desk interacts with end user on chat, which is available at the click of a button, then creates a ticket in your PSA, performs preliminary troubleshooting and passes on to NOC for remediation. Thus increasing first contact resolutions and hence customer satisfaction.

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