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NOC for MSPs: After hours only

After business hour NOC coverage for MSPs.

If you are looking for a reasonably priced after hours alert monitoring service, this offering is just for you.

We understand that you may not need 24 by 7 coverage and the higher costs associated with that. You don’t need the full fledged
service because you have capable staff taking care of things in your MSP. But at the same time your MSP doesn’t work
24 by 7 and you only get to the alerts from night before in the morning. Sometimes leading to extended downtime for your customers.

If you are looking for someone to be on the vigil at night, our after hours only NOC is the right answer. With our after hours support you
not only get the ability to monitor servers 24 by 7 but also know that a capable team is taking care of alerts while you sleep soundly.

What’s Included ?

1. 12 hours of alert monitoring each day. All days of the month.
2. 5 minute response time.
3. Alert validation and first level troubleshooting.
4. Ticket escalation to appropriate resource via phone.
5. Reporting of all critical alerts via phone to designated resource.


$10 per device.
Minimum billing $100.
Monthly contract.
Volume discount above $1000.
No setup cost.

How it works?

1. Setup your systems to send us alert notification for any 12 hours of the day.
2. We will monitor and triage the alerts with a response time of 5 minutes.
3. Give us an account on your tools. We need access to your RMM to connect to the remote machines and PSA to document tickets.
4. NOC will validate all the alerts and close the invalid ones.
5. NOC will provide first tier support for all valid alerts.
6. Valid alerts not resolved by first tier will be escalated to designated resource.
7. We will provide phone call notification for critical alerts.
8. All tickets will be completely documented and will contain each detail verified by NOC and possible things to check.


1. Piece of mind.You can cover your customers 24 by 7 even when you are away.
2. You pay a fixed fair price with no additional costs.
3. Your team will have to run through fewer tickets when they get to office.
4. Improved service level and customer satisfaction.
5. Flexibility to choose any 12 hours of the day.

Special Offer.

Sign up before 28th Feb and we will add full weekend coverage for an additional $4/device only.

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