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Pocketful of Savings:

Hiring chargesSave the time and money spent on hiring consultants, searching resumes, conducting interviews, salary negotiations and background checks.

Administration chargesThe induction process of employees is important and the company needs an admin department to carry out these formalities. Expenses related to record-keeping and/or other administrative costs are included in administrative charges. While appointing a Virtual Admin, this is not needed as it is not applicable to him or her.

Equipment costNo expenditure on computer,software, internet, tools, office space etc.

Insurance cost Hiring an employee brings many hidden costs to the company like insurance and health policies of employees but a Virtual Admin is not a part of this cost to the company. No federal/state payroll taxes, FICA, paid holidays, sick days and employee health benefits.

Miscellaneous cost –  Save the cost involved that the on-site staff wastes on personal calls, office politics, social media, smoke breaks, and coffee breaks.


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